Terms & Conditions

1. General Conditions

Accessing to- and using this website as well as products and services available on it (i.e. in the “Services” area) is subject to the following terms, conditions and notices (“Terms of Service“). By using its Services, you agree to all the Terms of Service, which we may be updated from time to time. Check this page on a regular basis to keep posted on possible changes made to Terms of Service.
Access to this website is allowed on a temporary basis, and we reserve the right to interrupt or make amendments to Services (without any warning).
Every once in a while we may also restrict access to the whole website or some of its areas..

2. Personal Data Protection Policy

By using this website you agree to the processing of personal data aimed at selling and you guarantee that the submitted data are updated and correct.
You are in charge of maintaining and updating your account data, which must always be complete and correct.

3. Banning policy

Improper use of this website is forbidden. It is also forbidden to: commit or facilitate crime; transmit viruses, trojans, worms, logic bombs or post any technologically harmful, dangerous or privacy-breaching material as well as offensive and/or obscene material; violate any term of Services; violate property rights of any party; send unrequested advertising material commonly known as “spam”; try to compromise the performance or features of any of this website’s IT structures as well as other ones accessible via this website. Violation of this term may be considered a crime in compliance with the Italian Criminal Code. Sei Caffè s.r.l. will report such violations to the relevant law-enforcement authorities and mention the identity of the offenders.

4. Intellectual property, Software and Content

All rights pertaining to intellectual property on every software and content available on- or via this website are property of Sei Caffè s.r.l. or its owners and are protected worldwide by copyright law and regulations. All rights are reserved for Sei Caffè s.r.l. and its owner.
You may archive, print or view the available content only for personal use. You are not allowed to post, edit, distribute or reproduce, in any format, any content or copy of content provided to you or appearing on this website nor may you use any of this content in association with any other commercial business or enterprise.


By making an order you bid for purchasing a product in compliance with the following terms and conditions. All orders are subject to availability and confirmation of the ordering price.
Time frames for shipment may vary according to the availability and the likely warranties or anticipations pertaining to times of delivery are subject to Italian regulations and we shall not be held responsible for delays due to postal service failure or extenuating circumstances. For further information, please consult our notice regarding price for delivery.
In order to terminate a contract, you will need to be holder of a valid debit- or credit card issued by a bank which we consider reliable. All rights to rejects any of your requests are reserved to Sei Caffè s.r.l. . Whenever your order will be accepted, we will send you a notice via email.
When making an order you commit to guaranteeing that all the provided details are truthful and accurate, that you are an authorized holder of the debit- or credit card used to make the order and that the balanceis enough to cover cost for the ordered items. Price for foreign items and services may be subject to variations. All the indicated prices are subject to variations.
When the order is made, you will receive a confirmation email: such email will only stand as a confirmation of the order, not an acceptance. The contract will not terminate until we send confirmation via email that the ordered items have been shipped. The final contract will only include the items indicated in the confirmation email sent upon successful shipment.

Price and Availability

Although we try to ensure that all details, descriptions and prices appearing on this website are accurate, errors might occur. Should we find out about an error in the price of an ordered item, we will inform you as soon as possible and we will give you a chance to either reconfirm the order at the right price or cancel it. In case we are not able to contact you, we will consider your order as cancelled. Should you cancel your order after having already paid for the items, you will be refunded of the whole amount. The price includes VAT/GST, whenever applicable. Delivery costs will be added and charged separately; such additional costs are clearly indicated whenever applied and charged for, and they are included in the “total amount due”.


Dopo aver ricevuto l’ordine svolgiamo un controllo standard di pre-autorizzazione sulla vostra carta di pagamento per assicurarci che ci siano fondi sufficienti per compiere la transazione. I beni non saranno spediti finchè questo controllo di pre-autorizzazione non sia stato completato. Addebiteremo il pagamento sulla vostra carta dopo che l’ordine è stato accettato.

Discount Codes

Discount codes on your account – Discount codes may be offered every now and then to account holders; such codes may only apply to purchase carried out via the account for which a discount code was offered and registered.

  • Codes cannot be combined with any other ongoing promotions. You may only use one for each order.
  • By using a discount code or promotion, the maximum allowed expense is 650 € for each order.
  • Some brands may not be included in some promotions. The excluded brands will show in the check-out page whenever a discount code is applied.
  • A discount will not apply to orders which have already been processed.