Every day starts out with coffee. Lunches and dinners are concluded with coffee. We allow ourselves coffee breaks amidst our daily errands. Hence the need for a product that satisfies the needs of the most demanding customers.

Sei Caffè s.r.l (LLC) has provided a vast choice of blends for years by means of a fine selection and processing of coffee, which guarantees long-lasting storage of its aromatic strength.

Hence, the aroma of “seasoned” grains is extolled, thus making each break more pleasant by means of the fine flavor of freshly-ground coffee.

Sei Caffè has exported in several Countries for many decades, which allows it to have a large choice of blends, as well as an accurate selection and processing procedure and, more importantly, ever attempting to adopt the most advanced techniques in terms of quality and sustainability, by opting for an ecofriendly grinding system.

Furthermore, the so-called procedure of a “biological production” is now being experimented.